Have you ever wondered why the bacteria used to make yogurt is Lactobacillus bulgaricus?

There are yogurts on the market that claim originality, but the origins of yogurt are loud and clear in the Bulgarian countryside, and in the health and longevity of the Bulgarian people. In 1905, a Bulgarian scientist, Dr. Stamen Grigorov, discovered Lactobacillus bulgaricus, the bacteria essential to the yogurt fermentation process. Soon thereafter, Dr. Ilya Mechnikov showed that fermented milk was responsible for the hardiness of the Bulgarian people, won a Nobel Prize for his work, and spent his days touting Bulgarian yogurt as a medicine throughout Europe. Nutritionally rich in vitamins, minerals, good fats and protein, yogurt has been a traditional Bulgarian food associated with good health for thousands of years.

Traditional Bulgarian yogurt has always been made from carefully selected live bacterial cultures on dairy farms in mountainous regions of the country. This is the secret for creating a delicious and nourishing yogurt. Trimona Foods perfected the process, using a stable group of probiotic bacteria strains that work in symbiosis to create this true Bulgarian style yogurt. 

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Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt is NOT strained, whereas ALL Greek yogurt is. Why should YOU care? Well, by straining it you remove some of the most beneficial ingredients: the WHEY. The whey fraction contains the highest quality protein in milk, along with a number of essential minerals, like calcium.  Strained and discarded, acid whey also becomes an environmental issue.

Lactobacillus bulgaricus was discovered in Bulgaria.
  • Happy, unstressed cows graze in their natural habitat, and not on pro-inflammatory grains and corn.
  • No chemicals, preservatives, artificial hormones, antibiotics, starch thickeners or GMO’s .
  • Our yogurt is not strained, as whey is a superior source of protein and very rich in minerals (e.g., calcium)
  • We use predominantly brown Jersey and Guernsey (A2) cow milk, which is high in nutritious A2 beta-casein.
  • As in none, whatsoever.  As in, if you were looking for gluten here, you came to the wrong place, because like we said a sec ago, it ain’t here.
  • And we taste amazing!


What makes dairy healthy is in the cows you use and how you treat them. 
Our allergen-free, brown (A2) cows are eating grass in their natural habitat. Consuming organic, grass-fed, whole, fermented, unstrained A2 milk means YOU get all the health benefits–e.g., good fats like omega 3s, CLA, beta-carotene and vitamin E–and avoid much of the bad stuff. Trimona is a great example of a well-balanced healthy fat and protein superfood.

Because that’s what you deserve.